Hajj 2019; How Much it Can Cost to Pakistani Pilgrims?

The federal government has announced the Hajj Policy 2019 which has created panic among masses as the prices have increased. The government has abolished the subsidy and transferred the full burden to the Pakistani pilgrims in Hajj 2019.

Pakistan is second only to Indonesia in the list of most number of Hajj Pilgrims in the world. Muslims in Pakistan crave to visit Saudi Arabia that is the reason that every year the government receives a vast number of applications against the Hajj quota given by the Saudi government.

As new Hajj Policy 2019 is enforced, aspirant pilgrims are in a state of confusion regarding the total expenditure and other amenities available during the holy travel and stay in Makkah. Here we are giving you an insight into the total cost for Hajj 2019.

Government Hajj 2019 Package

The federal government has a 60% quota of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. The government distributes this quota among citizens across Pakistan. Although the government gives this quota by a lucky draw, its the most budget option Pakistani Muslims can avail.

As always you have to submit an online form with a fee in specific banks in the country for the Hajj 2019. The new rates are as below;

  • Package for residents from the northern region of the country will now cost Rs 436,975
  • Residents of the south zone will have to pay Rs 426,975
  • Rs. 20,000 need to be paid extra by those who want to avail Qurbani services
  • Government advise pilgrims to carry a minimum of 2000 Saudi Riyals to avoid any trouble there

According to the document issued after the policy briefing of Hajj 2019, three meals a day will be provided to pilgrims while the package includes transportation and accommodation charges.

The Hajj 2019 expenditure has been increased by over 60% compared to 2018 due to the rupee depreciation, transportation rates, and other factors. Previously government used to give a subsidy on the Hajj, however, now its abolished. Government is of the view that the economic condition of the country doesn’t allow the approval of subsidy as it costs Rs 8.15 billion under government Hajj scheme and Rs. 14 billion under private Hajj scheme.

“Government is not earning even a single rupee from Hajj 2019. Islam says only those should perform Hajj who can afford it. Providing subsidy doesn’t match with the Hajj spirit,” said Fawad Chaudhary, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting. However, the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has ruled in favor of subsidy.

Private Hajj 2019 Packages

40% of the Hajj quota is being extended to the registered private tour operators in the country. There are numerous tour operators in the country who will be furnishing those who want to perform Hajj 2019 by paying more than a government package.

The packages vary operator to operator. Mostly you get three types of options like Platinum Package, Gold and Silver packages. You can term them as affordable one, expensive and luxury packages.

The price could start from Rs. 6 lac to Rs. 12 lac. Depending on the hotels, food and other facilities, tour operators charge these rates. You can avail 3 to 5 start hotels in Saudia Arabia. Moreover, some tour operators entice pilgrims with breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Air-conditioned camps, tents, and buses are provided to facilitate the pilgrims.

Update: There is a new budget package for Hajj 2019 which is way too cheaper than the government’s package. Click here to find out

There is a newer budget package for Hajj 2019 which is much cheaper than what the government is asking for.

While talking to a few tour operators, More News came to know that pilgrims can even customize their Hajj 2019. The tour operators move pilgrims to Aziziah in some specific days to cut the expenditure short. However, one can opt to stay in Makkah. The customization will result in a further increase in the overall package.

The rates also depend upon the distance of the hotel from Masjid al-Haram, per room occupancy, and the duration you want to spend in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

Other Highlights of Hajj 2019 Policy

  • In the 60% quota under government Hajj 2019 package; 1.5 percent quota is reserved for hardship cases, 500 seats are reserved for laborers registered with the Employees Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI). Ten thousand seats will be reserved for the citizens above the age of 80 and no balloting for them if they had applied three times before and were unlucky
  • Saudi Government has increased the quota for Pakistan, 184,210 pilgrims would visit Haram in Hajj 2019.
  • Biometric services will be extended to far-flung areas so that people don’t need to visit big cities in order to submit the application form
  • First-time Hajj flights will also operate from Quetta
  • Haji camp will be established at Gilgit to facilitate the citizens in GB.

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