Happy New Year Eve from Google; Search engine posts new doodle!

Happy New Year

New Year is just a few hours away and people have already started planning that how they will welcome the year 2017. It seems like Google is also very excited to celebrate the New Year as the world’s largest search engine has published an animated logo on its website.

The logo features a clock, which shows the countdown to the New Year. There are balloons, which are impatiently looking at the clock. These balloons are packaged in a net and when you move the mouse pointer on them, you see a message, which reads “Happy New Year’s Eve from Google.” If you click the logo, the website will show you the search results for the keywords “New Years Eve Day.”

Google New Year Doodle
Google posts a doodle on its homepage to celebrate the New Year’s eve.

Google has not posted this kind of logo for the first time. It changes its logo on the major events like Eid, Christmas, Black Friday etc. The company calls these logos as “Doodle.” Back in August, the search engine posted an image on its Pakistani homepage to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Some users say that the doodles are annoying and they distract them from focusing on their work on the Internet while some say these images help them in remembering the major events.

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