Imported Food Items

Are you sure that the imported food items that you love to consume are entirely halal or do they have some haram components? Well, the citizens of Pakistan need to find it out for themselves as, after three years, Halal Food Authority remains just on paper.

Thanks to the bare minimum interest of the Ministry of Science and Technology, there is no Halal Food Authority to see whether the imported food items including chocolate, juices, dried milk, toothpaste, candies, chips, butter etc. are halal or not.

Every year Pakistan sees an import of $5-$6 billion worth import of food items which makes the absence of any regulatory authority even more baffling. The parliament has already passed the bill for the establishment of Halal Food Authority in 2015 but the relevant arrangements still have not been made.

Pakistan being a Muslim country needs to up its game to become a valuable part of the Halal food trade and also to ensure the halal status for pharmaceuticals, health, food supplements and toiletries etc. too.

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