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You must have remembered Shehzad Roy roaming across Pakistan on a Harley Davidson bike in a TV show which mesmerized us all. Even Sindh governor, Imran Ismail wants one. The Harley Davidson is known for producing heavyweight, cruiser motorcycles but at the cost of low fuel efficiency. However, in CES 2019, they have presented something spectacular.

Harley-Davidson has been promising us an electric motorcycle for several years now. Years in which it seemed that technology was not advancing fast enough; years in which many of us doubted if it was going to reach the market.

Finally, the Livewire, the first electric motorbike from Harley-Davidson is unveiled and what better place to announce it then the CES at Las Vegas.

harley bike engine
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The company has produced some exceptional machines with conventional design, purring engine and classic shape. But the market is evolving, and customers are not the same, and countries are beginning to limit the circulation of vehicles with combustion engines.

In a sense, the Livewire was inevitable. Knowing that Harley-Davidson had to create a motorcycle that would keep everything that makes the brand special, but with an electric motor.


The company claims that it reaches from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. Thanks to the instantaneous torque provided by the motor of Harley Davidson electric bike.

Ease of use “Twist-and-go”

man riding harley electric bike
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No clutch or gear change. Retention effect provides the energy regeneration mode, which adds charge to the battery, especially in urban traffic with continuous stops and starts.


livewire bike
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It can cover a distance of 185 km with a single load. we still dont know the exact charging time of its batteries though.


Harley Davidson electric bike, LiveWire, is designed to offer agile handling, safe control in the urban traffic and exciting piloting in the winding roads. The engine is located in a lower position on the motorcycle to lower the center of gravity and allow easy handling at any speed and better control in the arrests.

electric bike harley
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Electronic Controls

The Harley Davidson electric bike also has some top electrical controls and has a braking system with ABS in curves and traction control. The suspensions of the new Harley Davidson electric bike is electronically controlled.

Distinctive Harley Davidson Sound, Minimum Vibrations

The LiveWire is equipped with the Revelation™ HD electric motor, which produces a minimum of vibration, heat, and noise, all in favor of the driver’s comfort. The new Harley Davidson electric bike is designed to provide a distinctive sound, which increases with acceleration and speed. It’s a new futuristic sound that defines the smooth electric power of the LiveWire motorcycle.

Internet Connectivity

Panasonic Automotive connects has supplied cellular internet connectivity to Harley Davidson electric bike. With the tap of a button, the rider can have all the diagnostics and bike full information. Moreover, tamper alerts, location information, service reminders, and all notifications are also accessible by the rider.

The company also unveiled the price of the new Harley Davidson electric bike at CES, and it’s catastrophic. The bike is priced at $29,799. Even the most expensive and exclusive models, such as the Roadster, cost half as much as the Livewire. In the US, a Livewire costs practically the same as the cheaper Tesla Model 3.

harley davidson live wire electric bike
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Though Harley Davidson electric bike is much expensive, remember that it’s the fastest bike made by the company yet. Also, it packs futuristic sound and a good mass balance. One can charge the bike from an ordinary switch in the home. The new Harley Davidson electric bike will be made available for sales in August this year.

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