Noman Azhar

Noman Azhar, Head of Financial Services and M-Governance at Ufone, has resigned from his position and is joining Virtual Remittance Gateway (VRG) as Chief Commercial Officer.

Noman has been associated with Ufone MFS since its inception and has been leading all the initiatives of Ufone under MFS domain including Mobile Banking, Branchless Banking, G2P, Intl. Remittance and Synergies.

He is the only telecom professional in Industry to launch two portfolios of Branchless Banking i.e. UPaisa and Meezan Upaisa. UPaisa has been renowned for its innovative products helping towards creating the required eco-system which will help in increasing the financial inclusion in the country.

With Meezan Upaisa, Noman has provided Pakistan’s Banking Industry with the World’s first Islamic branchless banking which showed its huge potential within just a few months of its launch.

His vision of creating many-to-many model and working aggressively on partnerships and interoperability has been widely appreciated by all stakeholders of MFS. He has been working on multiple M-Governance initiatives as well, which have largely helped the government institutions in enabling technology and his role has been widely appreciated by these departments especially Police & District Administration amongst many others. He has been associated with Ufone for almost 9 years

Virtual Remittance Gateway (VRG) was established, in 2013, working under the aegis of PATHFINDER Financial Technology Group (PFTG), which is a subsidiary of PATHFINDER Group. VRG is the first PSO/PSP authorized operator in Pakistan.

The PATHFINDER Group Pakistan is the largest security solution provider of Pakistan. PATHFINDER has over 15,000 employees in 132 cities/towns in Pakistan and includes 10 other companies in its group.

Pathfinder Group, Pakistan though originally focused on providing security services and related technologies to a very diverse range of customers for the last 27 years, has created a new vertical within the organization, Virtual Remittance Gateway (Pvt.) Ltd., which is focused on supporting the financial industry to extend its financial services to masses by utilizing a nationwide Electronic Payment Gateway with unique features and services.

Noman Azhar, with his vast and relevant experience in this field, is expected to add great value in making VRG reach next heights of success.

Also since the focus of MFS industry in Pakistan is towards building the interoperability across different platforms and creating the many-to-many model, this move of Noman Azhar is expected to be very beneficial for achieving this national goal.


  1. Nomi Bhai you are a true Hard Worker, I still remember the days when you were a part of COPS, I’ve seen you working that hard, You actually have nailed this position, courtesy the constant dedication and serious approach towards the prime objective, well deserved but this isn’t the end, You truly are an Ideal to follow, wishing you or the coming ventures, God Bless…

  2. Ufones mfs solutions never made a mark in the market , it is not about being first or imitative it’s about making it easy for customers. Loss proposition , no availability , half cooked products.

  3. He is a real hard worker as far as i know him he really came from the bottom and worked excellently in all these years.


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