Heavy fines for traffic rules violators in Punjab, teens not allowed to drive

City Traffic Police Challan

The Punjab government has decided to strengthen the traffic rules. Cabinet Committee on Law and Order has approved that the fines on traffic rules violation would be increased for more strict actions.

PKR 100 has been increased on all the fines regarding motorcycles related traffic rules violations.

Juvenile driving will also be discouraged in Punjab. All the teenagers who don’t have the license and drive cars and motorcycles will be charged PKR 300 to PKR 500 in access of the previously imposed fines.

For those who don’t’ pay fines and abuse the law

The traffic police are determined to receive the fine in every possible way, and there would be no reason not to pay fine. The government of Punjab is also planning to install RFID (radio frequency identification device) chips on the license plates so that violaters who haven’t paid fines could be located and stopped through RFID readers at various locations in the city for making their owners pay their fines.

The government is also planning to collect all the pending fines at the time of token vehicle fee submission or transfer of a vehicle.

The process isn’t likely to be easier one as a huge number of vehicles in Punjab isn’t properly registered, and even all the number plates can’t be equipped with RFID chips owing to a huge number of vehicles with old-styled number plates.

The meeting of Cabinet Committee on Law and Order that was headed by Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah gave approval of DVRS (Dealer Vehicle Registration System) for which CM Shahbaz Sharif has already given approval.

Under this system software will be installed at all the selling points of the vehicles that will register the vehicle right at the time of purchase.

The software is connected with Excise and Taxation Department and discourage the “Applied For” vehicles on roads.

DVRS and traffic rules violation system, if implemented in right spirit, will help reduce traffic violations on the roads as well as bring a huge revenue for the cash-hungry Government of Punjab, which keeps eyeing funds for its on-going development projects in Lahore city.

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