HEC illegal universities list

After the scandal of fake PhDs and corruption in education, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has issued the list of 100 illegal universities working currently in Pakistan. During their investigation, the commission didn’t find anything on the listed addresses of 75 private universities and colleges.

All of these 75 educational institutions only exist on paper and have no physical existence. HEC has yet to investigate 15 universities in Phase 2 of their inquiries which will likely commence from next month. For the rest of the 4 universities, inquiry commission has been formed to look further into the matter.

Previously HEC had published a list of 103 illegal private universities, colleges and institutions on their website, which has now been reduced to 100. Punjab HEC started the inquiry into the illicit educational institutions in July 2016, where Phase 1 of the investigation has finally been completed.

The educational experts have termed the 79 private universities as “Ghosts” as there is no evidence besides paper that they actually exist. The commission has also revealed illegal evening coaching centers and also closed off Public university’s campuses.

HEC following the complaints of students has made an investgative team consisting of senior vice chancellors to inquire against four private universities in Lahore. These universities include Lahore Leads University, Global Institute, Superior University and University of South Asia.



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