City Traffic Police (CTP) Lahore, has made it compulsory for both riders on the bike, in case of pillion riding, to wear a helmet.

Chief Traffic Officer, Lahore issued a notification on Sunday in which he emphasized that the helmet law will be enforced without any discrimination while women sitting behind on bikes will also have to wear a helmet.

Moreover, traffic police also decided to take stern actions against motorcyclists violating the lane rules, the bikers will only be allowed to travel on the extreme left lane.

In the first phase, challans will be issued to pillion riders without helmets on the mall road, Lahore while in the second phase the new policy will be implemented in the whole city.

Health minister Punjab, Dr. Yasmeen Rashid praised the traffic police Lahore campaign against the motorcycle riders without helmets and said, “The head injuries reported in the hospitals due to not wearing the helmets has been decreased in the city.”

Earlier, The Lahore High Court had ordered traffic police to issue challans to those riders wearing engineering caps instead of helmets, however, many motorcyclists still can be seen on the roads wearing trashy headgear.

Speaking to more news, traffic police officials asserted that its the duty of the legislators in the country to refine law regarding helmet as there is no specific description of a helmet in the Motor Vehicle Rules 1969.

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