Shah Rukh Khan responds Chai Wala

A blue-eyed Chai Wala (tea-seller) from Mardan, who recently became popular after a picture of him went viral on the social media, has gained the attention of Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood.

Recently in an interview with a news channel, this tea seller, namely Arshad Khan said that he thinks he looks like Shah Rukh Khan. Now, Shah Rukh Khan has responded to this comment. Today, Shah Rukh Khan posted a tweet, which reads, “How sweet is this. Beauty lies in simplicity.” In this tweet, he was referring to Arshad Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan tweet
Shah Rukh Khan tweets, “How sweet is this. Beauty lies in simplicity.”

The photo of Arshad Khan was captured by an Islamabad-based photographer Jiah Ali. She took the picture and posted it on her Instagram profile. From there, the image went viral all over the Internet and Chai Wala soon became the global sensation.

Arshad Khan, the tea seller, lives in Islamabad and loves to watch English movies. Before working at the tea stall, he sold fruits and vegetables. Arshad who has become the talk of the town originally belongs to Mardan. His tea stall has become popular in females who don’t like to miss a glimpse of him. Impressed by his blue eyes and heroic looks, they are often found taking selfies with him.

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The photographer did not expect that the photo would soon go viral on the web. According to her, she posts a lot of photos on Instagram, but the people liked the picture of this tea seller. Jiah also stated that a lot of people are sharing this picture without giving the credits to her, that is why she has decided to watermark this picture.


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