IPhone 8 will be faster then before

As the new year closes in the rumors revolving around Apple’s new iPhone 8 has started to gain momentum. Every year the company release their flagship smartphone that has a faster processor and better graphics than any of its predecessors, and that’s exactly what is being expected from Apple’s new smartphone.

Rumors say that the A11 chip inside the upcoming iPhone8 will be built on 10nm process technology, making the chip even faster and more energy-efficient than the class-leading A10 Fusion in the iPhone 7. A new report also indicates that the Imagination Technologies may soon release a new PowerVR GPU that will go into the 2017 iPhones.

According to PCWorld, Imagination Technologies will release the Series8XT family of GPUs shortly, probably in late February at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco as many times it did in the past.  Apple also has a minority stake in this company, and it also has used PowerVR GPUs in every iPhone to date.

The Imagination’s Series8XT is expected to be faster and more energy-efficient than the iPhone 7’s GPU, which is based on the PowerVR GT7600 architecture, which is the fastest GPU currently available in mobile devices. We now have to wait till Imagination Technologies unveil their new GRU technology next year to officially geek out on the idea.


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