Here’s what we know about the upcoming Android OS so far

Image Source: PC Advisor

It’s only the first quarter of 2017 which means it’s officially the rumor and speculation season for now. So far we don’t have a proper lowdown on what will be included and what not will be included in the next Android OS, but the news is certainly making rounds about major improvements in the notifications section.

The newest version’s name is still own, but the media has given the name of Android O for referring purposes. It is reported that the new OS will feature new notifications, but it is still clear how the already convenient notifications tab will be made more useful.

Another rumor is that the picture in picture mode is finally coming to Android which basically lets you watch a video running in the corner of your screen while you keep doing whatever you were doing earlier on the screen.

Also PIP, it is said the new Android will feature new badges for active notifications which mean we will see changes in how apps look in the next OS. Also, the Google Assistant will have a bigger role in the next Android OS and will come with an ability to integrate with other apps.

It is possible that some of these features will only be research projects for now while others will be included. Google is supposed to dish out news regarding the new OS come May when the 2017 Google I/O Developers Conference takes place.

Since the new Android OS is still in works we can safely say that it will not be included in any of the new flagships by Samsung, LG, Sony or Nokia.

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