Herself by PITB empowered more than 100 women in six months

Herself second cycle has been completed

Herself, initiated by the entrepreneurship wing of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), is a program designed to empower every women in Pakistan by enlightening her about opportunities awaiting in the technical sector. Its vision aligns with the reason behind the birth of this project, which was the depressingly low number of women working in technical domains; its vision is to increase that number by educating women to get involved in the workforce even while sitting at homes.

The program provides a series of training sessions ranging from soft skills such as personal development, communications and presentation skills to technical and business skills. These include photography, graphic designing, web development and on the entrepreneurial side skills such as project management, operation handling, managing finances, marketing, sales, blogging, etc. are taught. All in all, it is a complete package which enables the trainees to begin their entrepreneurial journey right after walking out of the program.

In only six months, the program has empowered 100+ women by providing them entrepreneurial and pre-incubation training by professional trainers, enabling them to become successful entrepreneurs. On the completion of the second cycle which took off in November, Herself organized a Graduation Ceremony for their second cohort comprising of 60 passionate women.

The graduation was officially kicked off when, Zainab Tariq, Co-Manager Herself and Ayesha Mubashir, Marketing & PR Executive, Herself, took the stage to address the audience telling everything about the program including the vision, progress, partnerships and future plan. They made sure every attendee got a clear idea about Herself and what it entails.

Carrying the event forward Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board, joined for an opening speech in which he discussed the entrepreneurial culture in Pakistan along with the role and importance of women in the workforce in his opening speech. He appreciated the efforts of all women who contributed in making the cycle a success and encouraged them to fly high in the future. He said “No economy can ever progress if its women don’t progress and with little job opportunities, venturing into entrepreneurship would benefit the society as a whole”.

Some inspirational women were invited for the event including Angela Braid, Co-Founder Polly and Other Stories, Anoosha Shaigan, Vice President Courting the Law and Ms. Sadaffe Abid, Co-Founder CIRCLE. They joined the event for a panel discussion on ‘The importance of tech in a woman’s life’ moderated by Zainab Tariq. The discussion remained engaging for the audience and some key problems and solutions were highlighted. Ms. Sadaffe Abid said “Herself is a significant platform for our women where they get to turn their dreams into realities”.

Next, a Business Idea Competition was held among three trainees of the second cohort in which each of them presented their own business idea. This was judged by the panelists who declared TeamUp, the idea of Sayyada Huda, the best. TeamUp is a platform where every sportsperson can make a team online and play whenever he/she wants.

Towards the end of the event, Nabeel A. Qadeer, Director Entrepreneurship Punjab Information Technology Board joined for a closing note in which he discussed why he started the project and where he wants to take it in the future. He congratulated all graduates and winner of the Business Idea Competition and wished them the best for future. He said: “Our nation cannot progress without the women participating for the greater good of Pakistan. Believing in them and providing them the right guidance will not only set them on the path to success but also bring benefit to Pakistan’s economy. Herself is set to achieve the same.”


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