10 amazing hidden features of Android smartphone

Android smartphone hidden features

Did you ever think what kind of things you can do with your Android smartphone? If someone asks you this question, your answer would probably be, “we can chat with our friends, use social media, take selfies, and download a lot of apps.” Well, that is not all you can do with your smartphone.

Earlier, we uncovered the hidden features of the Apple’s iPhone. Now, in this detailed article, we will learn what are some hidden features of your Android smartphone. Also, if you know some other stuff, which is not covered in this article, you can tell us in the comments below. But first, take a look at these hidden features of your smartphone.

Monitor heart rate

So you think your heart is beating faster today? Planning to go to the doctor? But first, why don’t you check your heart rate by yourself? Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S7 come with the built-in heart rate monitor. But there are many apps available on the Play Store, which you can install on your smartphone to check the heart rate. Instant Heart Rate is one of the accurate heart rate monitoring apps.

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Increase battery timing

Most of the people don’t know that their Android smartphone comes with a built-in feature, which enhances the battery timing. To enable this option, go to Settings-> Battery, and activate the battery saver option. If the battery saving option does not satisfy you, you can get a smartphone that supports fast-charging technology.

Auto unlock

It annoys a lot when you have to unlock your smartphone again and again. You can tell your smartphone to unlock itself automatically whenever you are near the places you trust. To set this option, go to Settings-> Security-> Smart Lock-> Trusted Places.

Remove files remotely

You can remotely delete the files from your Android smartphone by downloading the Device Manager app, which is available on the Google’s Play Store. This app is very useful when you lose your smartphone. It can also track your device on the Google Maps.

Block messages

Your smartphone can block the messages from the people you don’t like. To do this, download the Free SMS blocker app from the Play Store and install it. After that, you can add any mobile number into this app; this app will prevent your smartphone from receiving the messages from the number you enter.

Your smartphone is a scanner!

If you own a smartphone, you don’t need to go to the nearby Internet café for getting your documents scanned. Your device’s powerful camera is a scanner itself! To scan any document, you can download Google Drive app, which lets you easily scan any document. Another popular app called Evernote also offers document scanning feature.

Use Android smartphone as wireless mouse

So your computer’s mouse is not working? Why don’t you use your smartphone to control your PC? Yes, you can use your smartphone as a mouse for your computer. The process is very easy, just download RemoteDroid app from the Play Store, and convert your mobile phone into a mouse!

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Data limit

Keep a track of your data usage by enabling the data control system. This feature automatically turns off the Internet once you reach a limit. You can set the limit according to your package plan. To set this option, Go to Settings-> Data Usage-> Cellular Data Limit.

Share your Wi-Fi

If you have an unlimited 3G or 4G-LTE package plan, you might want to share your mobile Internet with your family members. To share your Internet, go to Settings app and tap More, then touch the Tethering & portable hotspot option and enable it. You can set a password to prevent the unknown people from accessing your smartphone’s Internet.

Stop automatic shortcuts

Every time you install an app, a shortcut of the app automatically appears on the home screen of your Android smartphone. To disable this option, go to Play Store-> Menu, and uncheck the “automatically create shortcut” option.

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