Hide secret messages with this new feature of Facebook Messenger

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According to some sources, Facebook is ready to launch some new features for its messaging app, Facebook Messenger. The new features are Secret Conversation, Goods Payment Solution. The company has not confirmed it, though.

There are some hints that Secret Conversation system will allow the users to encrypt some of their secret messages. The feature will provide users of Facebook Messenger with the option to protect and hide any particular media file or text message, which the user considers private.

It is still unclear what other purposes this feature would serve. Normally, anyone who has your Facebook account password can do anything on your account, but hopefully with this new service, some messages and files could be encrypted with some extra security or a PIN code.

It is good news for people who share a lot of secret information to their friends or office colleagues using Facebook Messenger. Some other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram already support similar kind of feature.

Apart from Secret Conversation, the company also has the plan to launch calendar synchronization system and in-app goods payment solution. There is also a hint that an option to share your status with only particular friends is also going to be launched soon.

Calendar synchronization will allow the users to save the dates of the events such as birthdays, special days or the time of any task, in Facebook Messenger.

The new features are expected to roll out in April in Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android-based smartphones.

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