Punjab Budget 2018

After unveiling the mini-budget in the National Assembly, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has finally presented its first budget in the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday for the remainder of the current fiscal year. Let’s review the highlights of the Punjab Budget 2018-19.

The total outlay for the Punjab Budget 2018-19 budget was presented as Rs. 2.027 trillion and the budget surplus was projected to be Rs. 147.8 billion.


  • Total Education budget (development and non-development): Rs. 373 billion
  • School education: Rs 25 billion
  • Pre-primary schooling: Rs. 500 million
  • Higher Education: Rs. 5 billion
  • Technical training and education: Rs. 50 million
  • Scholarships for talented and deserving students: Rs. 1 billion
  • New Daanish Schools and up-gradation of existing ones: Rs. 1 billion
  • School meals program: Rs. 10 million
  • Engineering and IT university in Rahim Yar Khan: Rs 3,848 million
  • Special education: Rs. 1 billion
  • Literacy and non-formal basic education: Rs. 1.8 billion


  • Health Sector (development budget): Rs. 258.1 billion
  • Hospital services: Rs. 111.63
  • Public health services: Rs. 5.898 billion
  • Health administration: Rs. 20.382 billion
  • Integrated Reproductive Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (IRMNCH) program: Rs. 10 billion
  • Health Insurance Scheme Rs. 4 billion
  • Different projects of food including safety and security, affordable prices: Rs 200 million
  • Ongoing food schemes: Rs 199 million
  • New food scheme: Rs 1 million

Development Projects

  • Transport Sector: Rs. 34.5 billion
  • Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project: Rs. 33.6 billion
  • Ongoing transport schemes: Rs228.6 million
  • Women Development Department: Rs. 115 million
  • Health and Family Planning: Rs. 33 billion
  • Supply of clean water and proper sewage disposal: Rs. 50.5 billion
  • Sports and Youth affairs: Rs. 2 billion
  • Governance and IT: Rs. 3.5 billion

Industries, Commerce and Investment

  • Total Allocation: Rs. 16.68 billion
  • Operationalization of Online Business Registration portal
  • Development of Special Economic Zone on M-3 Faisalabad: Rs. 400 million
  • Establishment of Women Resource Centers and Incubators
  • Establishment of Punjab University of Technology, Rasul, Mandi Bahauddin


  • Agriculture sector: Rs. 93 billion
  • The interest-free loans: Rs. 15 billion
  • The irrigation department: Rs. 19.5 billion
  • Construction of Dadhocha Dam: Rs. 6 billion

Safety and Security

  • Public safety: Rs 173.9 billion
  • Public order and safety affairs: Rs 170.4 billion
  • Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PPIC3): Rs 3.4 billion
  • Punjab Police: Rs. 112.2 billion

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