Honda Civic Si is coming; company claims it will be fastest car

Honda Civic Si details

Honda has unveiled its latest concept car “Civic Si” at an even near the LA Auto Show, and according to the company, this will be the fastest-ever car from the enterprise. Yes, Honda Civic Si, which is presently just a concept, will let you drive at the fastest possible speed.

The auto manufacturer has added a powerful turbocharged 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine, which generates the 245 watts of horsepower. The power passes via a six-speed manual transmission, and according to the experts, these specs are perfect for making the Honda Civic Si perform in a brilliant manner.

Honda Civic Si interior

Moreover, there is an active steering and dampers, and a high-end tire with the technologically advanced features. To compete with the other vehicles in the industry, Honda Civic Si has the same width, which most of the other powerful modern vehicles pack.

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The interior of the car involves the red colour, which looks fantastic on the mat of this vehicle. There is also a built-in infotainment system, an instrument box, and an all-new comfortable seat set. The company has embedded the “Si” logo on each of the seats. The splitters, wing and wheels of this car are manufactured by the Honda Factory Performance (HFP).

honda civic si backlights

A few months ago, Honda introduced its 10th Generation Civic in 3 grades1: 8L i-VTEC, 1, 8L i-VTEC Oriel and 1, and 8L VTEC TURBO.

Image source: Autoblog.

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