Honda NeuV concept car

As the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started getting popular, the Honda has also decided to use this feature on its cars. According to the reports, Honda will unveil its NeuV concept automated EV vehicle with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology at the event of CES 2017.

In partnership with Cocoro SB, Honda NeuV will come with an “emotion engine,” which will allow its users to communicate with this car in a human way.

At CES event, a lot of auto companies introduce their cars and that is why Honda has also decided to bring its new concept car in this event. Moreover, Nvidia and Audi are also reportedly working on AI-based cars. Both of these companies are in partnership to introduce autonomous vehicles.

Earlier, Honda unveiled its concept car “Civic Si” at an even near the LA Auto Show, and according to the company, it is the fastest-ever car from the enterprise.

On the other hand, BMW is also expecting that 2017 will be a great year for this company as it is expecting an increase in the sales of its electric cars.

To compete against the other companies, BMW has increased the battery capacity of its electric car by 50%, Presently, its electric car just accounts for one-quarter of BMW 2017 EV sales. The company hopes to boost the delivery of its electric vehicles by 60,000 in the current year.


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