Honda plans to roll out Self-Driving Cars by 2025

Honda Automated driving

Honda has always been one of the driving forces in the fields of automation and robotics, striking to reach the grassroots of technology and determined to deliver their customers the sense of style they can boast about.

On Wednesday, Honda revealed at a media event that they plan to hit Level 4 in the field of driverless cars by 2025 which includes highly automated driving functions.

The company showed off its autonomous vehicle advancements on the freeway and urban roads giving an exceptional demo.

According to the SAE International Standard, automated driving is based on 6 levels of aptitudes, scaling from 0 (no automation) to 5 (full automation) while level 4 represents high automation level.

The Level 4 means that drivers can rely on robotics to handle every situational hurdle, whether it is intemperate weather or rugged road conditions. The autonomous settings in the self-driving cars would not disappoint you instead you may start your ride gloomy but your automated car will become your best friend by giving you a techno-ride.

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President and CEO of Honda, Takahiro Hachigo told reporters, “we are striving to provide our customers with a sense of confidence and trust by offering automated driving that will keep vehicles away from any dangerous situation and that will not make people around the vehicle feel unsafe.”

Previously, Honda declared its aims about the future of automated driving where it envisioned to attain Level 3 autonomous driving by 2020 and now it has restated its goals with more advancements to reach Level 4. According to the company, these goals are critical steps in its commitment to contribute to a collision-free society.

Honda is working on many other dimensions in the world of vision like it has previously introduced McLaren Honda Formula 1 Car and Al NeuV Concept Car which has recently been exhibited at the CES 2017.

A recent study acclaims that Honda, the automobile giant ranks 15 out of 18 in terms of worldwide progress in advancements of automated driving.

So, gear up folks! eight years from now, you will be sitting comfortably and self-driving cars will be serving you as a driver. Wow! Technology has its own perks fulfilling the fetish of modernization.

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