Huawei Honor 6X Dual Camera Review

Huawei Honor 6X Review

Huawei surprised the mobile phone industry by housing an extra camera in its budget phone Honor 6X. Huawei has been playing around with the dual camera feature and although the Honor 6X does not come with Leica lens, it has a Dual 12MP + 2 MP camera.

The dual cameras are well situated above the fingerprinted sensor and promise more depth in its camera results. We tested the Honor 6X’s camera, here are the results.

Honor 6X Dual Camera

Dual Camera

The dual camera on the Honor 6X cannot be compared to the Mate 9 or the iPhone 7 but offers decent enough options which let you plan your photos before or even after taking a photo.

The camera lets you alter its aperture to take photos with a Bokeh effect which essentially means the subject will be highlighted while the background will be blurred. This feature had been exclusive to the DSLRs but as the technology progresses smartphone camera manufacturers are trying to make their phones with a wholesome appeal, attracting all sectors of a community.

Honor 6X
Bokeh Effect

The Bokeh effect has an excellent accuracy and sharp detail on close range photos.

Pro Options and Other Tweaks

The camera has a lot of options when you switch from a normal photo or video mode to the pro-cam or pro-video. Honor 6X lets you adjust a host of settings before taking a photo such as adjusting brightness, exposure or manually focusing photos.

Honor 6X
Camera Settings

Beauty Mode is made for the selfie enthusiasts as it asks you to capture three individual photos from different angles and then provides you options such as whitening, enlarging eyes and thinning your face, which might seem useful to some but overall it is just an ok mode.

Honor 6X
Beauty Mode

The Panorama is an impressive mode on its own but lacks detail while a watermark mode lets you take photos with details such as location and time stamped on it.

Honor 6X
Panorama Mode

General Camera Performance and Verdict

The Bokeh effect is a stand-out feature of this phone but an option alone cannot act as a deciding factor for a phone. Huawei, it seems, has put so much thought over adding an extra camera to its phone and has forgotten simpler things such as providing the users a good enough camera with detail oriented photos.

Honor 6X
Dodgy Autofocus

The primary camera takes well-lit photos but has a dodgy auto-focus and no attention to detail with noisy and blurry photos at times. Sharpness is a factor that this phone definitely lacks but takes excellent close range photos with great structure detail at the same time.


Honor 6X
Low Detail & Sharpness
Honor 6X
Close Range Structure Detail

If you like to call yourself a photographer and want a smartphone camera that compliments your passion of photography then this isn’t the right phone for you. However, if you are just an average Joe who appreciates a good selfie camera housed inside an above average budget phone, this phone might just turn out be an ideal choice for you.

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