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Honor has been staggering releases of its budget smartphones within shorter intervals of time. Recently the company has launched Honor 7c along with 7A and Honor 7S, all of which fall in the budget lineup of the Chinese manufacturer. The aim here seems to provide a smartphone to maximum consumers by covering different price categories with numerous handset releases.

Honor 7C is the successor to last year’s Honor 6C. The phone is available at a price of Rs. 22,499 and packs some amazing specs and features for a budget device. It in one of the few devices in this price category that encapsulate a well-made body crafted from a blend of aluminum and 2.5D tampered glass on the front.

Here are 7 best features of the Honor 7C that we liked the most.

Dual Camera

First thing’s first, we were really amazed to see a smartphone with this price tag having a dual camera and all the functionalities of a quality camera because who doesn’t love taking pictures, right?

The phone packs a 13MP+2MP camera setup on its back where the 13MP snapper is used to capture details of the subject while the 2MP camera senses and captures the depth of field in the photo to give the picture a DSLR like look by adding the background blur.

Dual cameras have become a norm in the smartphone industry and some phones like the Huawei P20 Pro or the upcoming Mate 20 are even offering triple camera but to have a dual camera setup in this price is no less than amazing.

Selfie Toning Light

The second feature that made us love this phone also belongs to the camera. It’s an adjustable selfie toning light by the grace of which, you should never worry about dark and poorly lit selfies ever again.

This light makes the adjustment of lighting and brightness very simple so even if you are in a dimly lit area, your selfies can come out pretty bright and vivid. To do this, you just have to choose the fine-grain control in manual mode for extra detailed photos. There are also three different levels of illumination you can play with according to your surrounding scenario.

Dual Bluetooth

Have you ever tried connecting your phone with two Bluetooth devices and ended up disconnecting with one in order to connect to the other? You certainly would have tried. Well, this problem is also answered by the Honor7C with its Dual Bluetooth technology.

Using this, Honor 7C can stream audio to two different devices simultaneously which means that you don’t have to disconnect your phone from the Bluetooth headset to connect it to your Bluetooth speaker. Honor 7C can do the both for you in a jiffy and without any disruption.

Real Time Audio Monitoring

For all the music heads and karaoke freaks out there, this feature is especially for those people who love singing and recording themselves all the time.

With real-time audio monitoring, you can record yourselves but with an additional perk which is that you’ll also be able to hear yourself while recording your voice, thus creating a  studio-like experience.

FullView Display

Just because its a budget device, doesn’t mean it’s deprived of the latest trends in the smartphone industry. Instead, it is equipped with all the essentials that this modern day’s phone should have.

Honor 7C brings in the company’s FullView display with minimum bezels and an 18:9 aspect ratio instead of the traditional 16:9. The bezels are also kept to the minimum which means that users can have more screen estate to play games, watch videos or view and edit photos.

Party Mode

This feature belongs to the music playback on the phone. party Mode on the Honor 7C lets you connect up to nine different Honor 7C devices so that you can play a single song across all the devices at the same time.

This creates a surround sound environment and it’s duly effective when you are on a night out with your friends and want to listen to that one favorite song or when you are barbecuing in your backyard with your mates and want to relive those nostalgic moments, party mode is here to have your back.

Face Unlock

Another trend that is taking the industry by storm is the security enhancement of the smartphones, for which the companies have introduced face unlock, which is a very convenient and also a secure way to unlock your phone. Although it is a flagship worthy feature and similarly all the current flagships provide a very refined version of face unlock.

However being a budget phone, Honor 7C doesn’t lag behind in this feature. The technology used in the phone uses 1024 facial points to accurately detect the user’s face and provide enhanced smartphone security.

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