Honor has kicked off another campaign here in Pakistan. The campaign showcases the Quad lens of honor’s budget friendly device Honor 9 Lite which has 4 camera lenses enabling users to take flawless selfies and portraits. The honor 9 lite is available at an affordable price of Rs. 26,999.

The campaign revolves around the Honor 9 Lite, a device which features the Quad-Lens camera. Yes, you read that right the phone comes with 4 cameras. A lifestyle shoot was done at Commune Art Society here in Karachi. The masterminds behind this campaign hailed from String Media, so kudos to them for their creativity

Check out how beautiful the phone looks, with its shiny blue color which has a 2.5D glass body.

Honor 9 Lite glass body

They have also come up with a video Marketing campaign, highlighting the different features of the smartphone. We personally love the one with the Full View Display and instead of describing it let’s just have a look below:

We all have friends and family members who at some point in time have tried to ruin our perfect selfie moment. Honor really hit the spot with this one. If we did not have a great reason to buy the 9 lite, we do now; the selfie camera comes with a bokeh effect which blurs out all those behind you. You can have the last laugh now.

We have heard they have more videos in the campaign, looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. Until then enjoy a few stills of the campaign

Honor 9 Lite campaign

Honor 9 Lite campaign image

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