Honor Mobile believes in latest trends and innovation

Mr. Jason is the Country Manager of Honor Mobile Pakistan who believes in innovation, style and customer satisfaction. In an interview, he shared how Honor’s mobile phones have created an impact in the industry. Read below his thoughts.

What does “HONOR My World” stand for?

“HONOR My world” is more than just our brand slogan. It is our commitment towards a world where the latest technologies not only add new functions but also become a means of personal expression and individuality through unique design. It also represents HONOR’s vision to intensify our global presence further. HONOR will keep providing superior technology, more diverse personal experiences, and excellent designs.

What is HONOR’s mission?

To keep the global youth connected to what they care about through cutting-edge technology that can also add value to their lifestyle. We exist in a time where technology has no limit and moving towards a spell of future living. The HONOR family is moving forward. This generation strives for innovation and, connectivity is a must-have for them. They want exceptional, unique designs and robust features. We appreciate that they have their own perspective on the world. That’s why HONOR has progressed its mission to form an intelligent new world that is dedicated to young people.

 How do you envision your brand, HONOR?

Since the beginning, HONOR has always poised itself to be a brand that is fresh, enthusiastic, and updated with the latest trends that aim to target the nation’s youth. We believe that this generation has its own particular lifestyle and thought process that has to be approached in a very unique manner to make sure that their requirements are fulfilled. This era of digital natives has diverse interests and desires; that’s why we have created a unique brand to cater to this audience, focusing on their needs.

 Could you share how your brand is pushing ahead?

Over time HONOR is continuously learning and aiming to be bigger and better. As our users are increasing, we are working towards a more intelligent lifestyle where we aim to have a community of similarly minded individuals and creating possibilities for them to express themselves in their own exclusive style. Not only this, we take care of the details and aspire to be environmentally conscious and forward-thinking.

 How would you define HONOR’s brand positioning?

HONOR has always directed and worked towards meeting the needs of the younger generation. We believe that we are a young organization; thus, it makes it easier for us to relate with the youth and understand what they want. Keeping these factors in mind, our next launch, the HONOR 9X, is highly anticipated by our fans and family. We really hope that we live up to their expectations and provide all that they look for. The opinions and requirements of our HONOR users matter to us, and we make sure that their opinions are on top priority while developing new products.

What is HONORs next launch?

We are very excited to launch HONOR 9X in December. As always, the team has given its best to provide the finest to our users. We really hope that the people of Pakistan like our new product as we work very hard and aim to fulfill the needs of customers within an affordable budget.

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