Horrible state of Private School in Pakistan; A complete insight

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sorry state of private school in Pakistan

Educational Entrepreneurship or let’s say, running a private school is the most appealing business in Pakistan. How easy it is to open and operate a substandard street private school, the world is eager to learn from us.

Thanks to our substandard educational system and poor policy implementation that after complete destruction of the public education system, our Educational Entrepreneurship now is in the devil’s hand.

However, in Pakistan, due to corruption and poor implementation of policies, the process of opening a private school it is the other way around.  Following is how the opportunists manage the improper private schools in our society;

  1. Be whatever, even a total illiterate.
  2. Look for a “place”, if you don’t have, your home is the best place.
  3. Open a private “school” by fixing a hoarding or flex on its front wall.
  4. The determination of grade levels is not needed. Write Nursery to BA/B.COM, MA/M.Sc.
  5. Mission Statement is not necessary, Don’t waste time.
  6. Private school Committee? What is it?
  7. Business Plan, Yes we have a plan ! More students – More Fee – More Profit.
  8. The budget depends on the business plan.
  9. Promote the school through wall chalking/cable advertisements/ “personal selling”.
  10. Interview “faculty” and hire those who demand the least (i-e) between Rs. 1000 – 3000
  11. Hire teachers according to the number of admissions you get.
  12. Enjoy profit. Keep doing step 9 again and again.

Registration? Forget it; no one will ask you about it including the authorities and parents. And if, at some point, they will, don’t worry. Follow the steps here;

  1. Buy 3 Majeed Books Depot’s Registration Books.
  2. Fill them, Don’t know how? See below.
  3. Visit your EDO office, meet the registration clerk. Share your “problem”.
  4. I hope you have cash-in-hand if so, you will get a sample filled file.
  5. Copy – Paste
  6. Submit it along with “cash-in-hand.”
  7. Thinking about the requirements of PlayGround, Library, Science Lab, Clean Water….. Stop worrying.
  8. Better “meet” the inspection committee in their homes than to have them in your home, err “School”.

The school is registered. Congratulations !!!!

A private school can be opened either way. But the success rate of both will be altogether different. Remember, there is no shortcut to success.

If you want to open a private school, do it in the right way with the right facilities, mission, and faculty. Work hard, produce results and bring a positive change in the lives of those who come to you as students. God is there to give you a better reward here and hereafter.

How to open a REAL private school

private school in Pakistan
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Entrepreneurship, as you might have studied in business books, is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. Globally, entering into Educational Entrepreneurship is the most arduous task.

In the USA, for example, starting a private school is a challenging process and generally takes no less than two years. Private schools often have high academic standards, low teacher-student ratios, availability of non-core subjects such as art and music and an emphasis on discipline, safety, community service, and values.

To open a private school of a good standard, the following are the key points to remember;


As a principal, you need to be a person of high character. Additionally, you must be a qualified and experienced individual in the educational sector.

If experience is not there, hire an experienced vice principal who is capable enough to guide you in the process of launching initial management if the proposed school.

But remember, over-dependence on your employees will make you a weaker principal in the meantime. So the key is; learn as fast as you can.

Grade Levels

Never claim what you cannot do. Grades are service offerings. How would you feel if you stop by a store because of a good advertisement and then find that the advertised material is not available, or is inferior to the advertised product? The same is the case with the school.

If you are new to the profession, it is always safer to start with Montessori and Nursery. You can, of course, offer more grades as your initial intake is promoted to the next levels.

Mission and Vision

Define your mission statement. What kind of student are you going to produce? A good Muslim, A good human being, A better citizen, A confident student… or something else.

It will help you to design the instruction system later. Assemble a school committee comprising of genius and accomplished individuals to design the instructional methodology in line with the mission and vision.


The first impression is the last impression. So is your building. Very few will bother to see your mission, vision, and instructional methodology. But everyone will rate you on the building.

So it must be airy, open and room size shall be compatible with the number of students you are planning to have in a single room.

Unlike houses, school rooms are bigger enough to absorb and repel suffocation and carbon emission. Playground ( Or open area) Computer or Science Lab and Library are your faces.

It is better to have a principal office right next to the entrance door. There is no need to let a visitor wander the whole school before reaching you.

Hire Faculty

Hire the best faculty you can afford. Students report higher levels of engagement and learning at institutions where faculty members use active and collaborative learning techniques, engage students in experiences, emphasize higher-order cognitive activities in the classroom, interact with students, challenge students academically, and value enriching educational experiences.

Your faculty will help you grow. Don’t compromise !!


In Pakistan, for private school registration, the competent authority is EDO (Executive District Officer) Education. Find the office in your district. Buy registration books from a nearby bookstore. Fill it, attach your building map, staff statement and appointment letters, building fitness certificate (you can have it from the authorized engineering firm by the EDO office), health and sanitation certificate (from the health department) and fee voucher (paid in National Bank of Pakistan).

Currently, the fee is Rs. 8000 for high and 12000 for higher secondary school. Even if you are going to start with Montessori, get it registered as a high school. Registration is a hectic process, and you would not like to do it again and again. At first, the registration is granted for 2 years which can then be extended to 5 or 10 years.