Houseparty App for group chats

The developers who created a famous mobile app called Meerkat that lets its users broadcast live videos through their smartphones have introduced their brand new product. This time, they have launched an app that lets the users create or join video chat rooms. It is called Houseparty app, and it is specially designed for the teens.

According to the company, it developed this app under a pseudonym for about ten months. It says that the new app is a “Synchronous social network” that connects the people in an entirely new style, The Verge reported. This app already has 1 million users and attracting more on a daily basis.

By using Houseparty app, you can have video conferences with your friends. Up to eight participants are allowed in one room. However, there is no limit on the number of the rooms you can create. The layout of the app is filled with emojis, and it comes with a lot of cool functions. The Houseparty app instantly alerts you if a stranger joins the chatroom.


Recently, we have seen a lot of new messaging apps being introduced exclusively for the youngsters. This is probably because the teens are interested in the social networking apps more than the adults. Let’s see if Houseparty app reaches the rank of the top messaging apps on the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

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Earlier, the world’s largest social network Facebook also introduced an app exclusively for the youth. This new app is called as “Lifestage app” and is currently available for iOS devices only. This app can only be used by the people who are 21 or younger.

Back in August, American mass media and entertainment company, Disney introduced an app called “Disney Mix.” The company expressly launched this app for children. Disney Mix is a family-friendly and safe app for the kids of all the age groups.

  • Download Houseparty app for Android.
  • Download Houseparty app for iOS.


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