iphone vs Android

Are you tired of using an iPhone for too long? Do you find yourself falling in love with the new Galaxy S8? We feel you as the Galaxy S8 and other Android phones have introduced excellent designs and cool new features such as Bixby and great slo-mo cameras but you might not know how to end the relationship. Here’s everything you need to know about breaking up with the iOS for Android.

Android Launcher

The greatest thing about Android is that it is completely customizable. The downside is needing to make a lot of choices. That includes selecting a ‘launcher’ which is a piece of software that determines how your phone looks.

Android Launcher

You don’t need to use a custom launcher. Phones such as the Pixel comes with the Google Now launcher for example, and Samsung phones come with TouchWiz. But if you want to get fancy, there are lots of options. It’s always nice to have the freedom to choose.

Complete Customization

Every iPhone looks the same but that’s not true for Android. Launchers help, but you can also use widgets, which display info on your home screen. You can scroll through news or play music without opening up an app and they look pretty awesome too.

Work in Background

iOS is kind of limited about what apps can do in the background but on Android, Google Photos can back up all your images without you manually opening the app, and Messenger chats can be responded to without leaving Snapchat.

File Transfer

With the Android OS, transferring files is pretty easy. You just have to plug in your phone to a nearby desktop and select files you need to import or export.

Rooted Phones

Android Root

Rooting an Android phone gives you total access and complete control of your device while jailbreaking an iPhone lets you customize it massively, complete control is still not available. Rooting the phone even gives you access to your processor speed and internal memory turning you into a ‘super-user.’

Make the Transfer Process Easy

To make the transfer process easy, take a screenshot of your iPhone’s home screen before you give it away. That way you can download all the same apps on your new phone.


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