If you are a book lover, you might have come across the term creative writer. A form of writing where you can play with ideas to deliver your desired results. It is not bound by the principles of normal writing and emphasizes on building a rhetoric in the following genres.

  • Fiction: short stories, novels, short-shorts
  • Non-fiction: Personal essays, magazine features, memoir, journaling, blogging, travel essays, nature writing
  • Poetry: Prose poems, haiku, sonnets, verse, and many more types

The major purpose of creative writing is to express something, be it one’s feelings, thoughts, or emotions.

Know the Genres and Subgenres of Creative Writing

It might not seem important now, but if you know the genres and subgenres of creative writing, you’ve done yourself a great service. Why? Because many great authors specialize in one big broad genre such as fiction or poetry or non-fiction. You don’t want to become “Jack of all trades; master of none.”

So do yourself a favor and read on the creative writing genres. They’re all known, of course. Fiction is branched into four sub-genres, of which only two are really popular: novels, novelettes, novellas and short stories.

If you want to dig under the surface, you will find more and more sub-genres. Stories under 1000 words are called micro-fiction. Recently a new type of sub-genre has come into light: Twitter fiction, which gained popularity on the social media and consists of only 140 characters. The people who make such fiction must be talented because it’s hard to close up a story under 1000 words. Concise writing, of course, is the issue.

It might seem strange that non-fiction is a part of creative writing, but then, as goes a saying, the truth is sometimes better than fiction. Memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, essays, and journals, etc. are all part of non-fiction.

Pick Out Your Own Genre

This may seem easy at times but is definitely not as easy as it seems. Every writer has his own genre of which he seeks to become the master. It shouldn’t necessarily be fiction or a popular form. It can be as obscure as. Only enjoyment should be gained out of it, at least at the beginning. You’re free to make money from it once you’ve polished your skills.

Start Writing

If you don’t know how to write for a period of time, check out online articles and read as many books as you can on various subjects.

It doesn’t matter whether you write once a day or a week or a month or anything else. Your writing should not be set on a schedule in which you can’t match your other work. “Write Every Day” is outdated advice now… the newer and better advice is “Write Regularly”. If you continue the practice you should start seeing results. Never break off your work and never let that pen stop.

Earn Some Cash

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This Article Was Written by Jamil Arif