One of the best things you can do on your Android is to change the default apps on your smartphone. For example, if you don’t like Google Chrome, you can switch to an alternate web browser. Similarly, you can download any third-party music player on your Android device if you don’t like the default music player app.

default app screenshot
Tap the “Clear Defaults” button to reset the preferences.

If you want to change the default app, you can go to the settings option and then tap “Apps” from the menu. Now, select the app that you need to change for opening the particular files. You will see an option “Clear Defaults.” Hit it, and there you go!

You can also download an app called App Manager Lite, which also performs the similar tasks. It is a small app, which offers a lot of features which you can use to customise the way your apps behave. You can download this app from here.

How to change default app settings on Android Nougat

In the latest version of Android, you can go to Settings-> Apps and tap on the bar at the top of the screen. There, you will see an option with the label “Default.” Hit it to see your default apps.

If you want to reset the settings for all of your apps at once, you can touch the three dots that appear on the top of the app list. After you touch this option, you select “Reset app preferences” to reset all the settings quickly.