Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7

As we know, Samsung has issued an official recall for Note 7, which is being dubbed as the biggest recall in telecom history.   The company is encouraging customers to stop using Note 7, power it down and immediately exchange it using Samsung’s Exchange Program.

However, the recall process has been very sluggish as many folks are not returning the devices, primarily because they are performing OK. To ensure their safety and avoiding any lawsuits, later on, Samsung has introduced a very handy method to check if their device is prone to explosion or not.

The company has launched a dedicated recall website, where users can go, enter IMEI number of their Note 7 device, and click “check” button. The company will use this IMEI number to check if the smartphone should be exchanged.

It is very easy to find the IMEI number of your device. Just go to “Apps > Settings > About Phone or General Management > Status > IMEI information or Serial number” or check the back of your device.

If the website tells you that your phone is affected, you can contact the retailer or carrier where you purchased your Galaxy Note 7, and be part of the Note 7 exchange program.

Green Battery Icon:

Moreover, Samsung is also introducing a green battery icon in its latest software update for the Note 7. This icon will notify you if your device is affected by the battery issue. It is releasing the software update to global Note 7 users that will reduce the battery’s recharging capacity.

 Battery explosion incidents: Samsung recalls 2.5 million Note 7 devices.

As we reported earlier, Note 7 battery issue has landed Samsung in series of lawsuits. A man from Florida sued Samsung Electronics over its latest Galaxy Note 7 after the smartphone exploded in his pocket.


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