register vehicles from home

The Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department (ETNCD) is planning to end the decades-old system to register vehicles or transfer its ownership to another person and soon Pakistanis will be able to accomplish this task from the comfort of their own homes.

The Excise department with the introduction of its new method to register vehicles from home aims to end the reign of corruption that has plagued the whole process for years.

Mostly, people face a lot of difficulties including fraud when they step out to register their vehicle with the department. There have been some cases where the agents charged with helping people to register vehicles or transfer its ownership end up taking thousands of rupees and disappear with the money.

How Will It Work

The new method of vehicle registration is quite simple.

  • The citizen will contact the Excise’s helpline
  • The helpline will give them a special pin code which will also be communicated to the courier
  • The courier will come to the person’s home and upon exchanging their same PIN code, the citizen will have to hand over the documents of transfer or registration of a vehicle
  • After the process has been completed, the documents will be sent to the citizen’s address directly

The new system will be introduced from August 2018

When the new system will be introduced, a person won’t have to step a foot inside the department’s offices.

The Excise Department also plans to replace the vehicle registration books with automated registration cards (ARC) by April 2018. The smart card will pack eleven security features to safeguard the information of the citizen.


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