Ordinary Pakistanis using smartphones

The smartphones are not only changing the lives of the rich but also improving the lives of ordinary people. In the era of 2016, almost every one of us has at least one smartphone. In Pakistan, there are a lot of brands that are offering cheap smartphones, which people can afford easily. Here in this article, we will explore how these devices are changing the lives of the ordinary Pakistanis.


Believe it or not; the smartphones have improved the way the ordinary Pakistanis used to communicate. Now, most of the people use Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and other such services for┬ácommunication. And yes, these apps are faster and cheaper than the SMS service. While we are talking about the messaging services, let’s not forget that the services like Instagram and Snapchat are also attracting the ordinary people.

Search doctors quickly

People can now search the doctors quickly by using their smartphones. Thanks to the useful apps that are available on the web, the smartphone users can easily book the appointments with the doctors. It is the power of the smartphone and the technology.

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These smart devices are helping the ordinary people to enjoy the modern games. Entertainment is important in life, and the smartphone is a great device to enjoy some fun games. It is a blessing that even the common people in Pakistan have access to a range of great games, which they can enjoy in their free time.


Want to get latest updates? Why wasting your time in reading the newspaper? Well, now you can get all recent news updates on your smartphone. Just follow the pages of news channels, other media pages, and you will get the alerts on your device. It is a great advantage, and now, people can also comment on the news stories that they like. In this way, smartphones are changing our news reading style. Now, we can get all the latest information from social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Artificial Intelligence

Who doesn’t know Siri? Almost everyone who owns a smartphone must have used Siri or Google Assistant. These apps are very helpful and save us a lot of time. The ordinary Pakistanis are also enjoying these apps to handle their daily tasks. Thanks to artificial intelligence, people can now send messages, open apps and games, and do a lot of other things on their smartphones just by using their voice.


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