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Every now and then organizations require a perfect fit for job positions. It gets quite a tough task for HR personnel to find suitable candidates for their organizations. The industry is adopting changes, for good, and new practices are adopted to gauge skills of professionals on multiple grounds – both professional and personal.

These days, jobs are shared not only on online job portals like Rozee, Hunar, Asaami, Right Jobs, etc. but also over social media networks. LinkedIn is known globally as one of the finest professional and career-oriented social networks.

Apart from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are also social networks where jobs are posted by professionals. So, how significant it is to look for jobs online, over social networks? Let’s discover based on some examples:

Rozee vs. LinkedIn and Facebook

On LinkedIn, organizations’ HR departments share job openings. This is usual and from startups to established businesses, every organization shares job postings on their LinkedIn Page.

Even professionals associated with organizations which are in need of certain employees share job openings and other details on their personal profiles so that professionals with a relevant skill set and experience can apply.

Rozee and other job portals are very good platforms, but the frequency of these being used on a daily and regular basis is quite low.

People tend to log in to their social networking accounts more frequently, take an example of Facebook, where users are now over 1 billion. They interact with professionals associated with the relevant profession and try to follow companies where they want to apply for job positions.

Similarly, there are Facebook groups created by professionals, where jobs are posted on regular basis. All you need to do is search for the relevant keyword (for example marketing jobs, human resource, Human Resource Pakistan or Karachi Jobs, etc.) and join the “Public” or “Closed” groups.

On the daily basis, jobs are shared after the approval of the admin of the group. These groups are beneficial for both organizations as well as for job seekers.

Power Of Shout out On Twitter

Don’t assume that Twitter is any lesser when it comes to spreading the word about job openings and finding relevant resources. With relevant hashtags, anyone can increase the chances of a tweet to reach more and appropriate accounts.

Hashtags like #jobs, #HR, #marketing and #SpecificCity are usually searched over Twitter by those who are looking for jobs.

Many people share job title along with the related field like #DigitalMarketing, #SocialMedia, and #ContentWriting over Twitter, and they receive a good response against their tweets with huge impressions and engagement.

So, The Takeaway Is?

Explore social media networks for finding the candidates for the relevant jobs. Many professionals in Pakistan are headhunted through their social media profiles.

If you are a job seeker, do not just rely on the job portals for finding the right job, search social networking sites too.

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