How to activate app drawer in Huawei Mate 9 and other EMUI 5.0 phones

App drawer in Huawei

The latest smartphones from Huawei come with the EMUI 5.0, which is the company’s own Android-based operating system. Huawei’s latest Mate 9 also comes with the EMUI 5.0. Although this OS is very easy to use, the app icons spread all over the home screen because the app drawer is not activated by default in this version of EMUI. It is very annoying for the user to keep a lot of icons on the home screen. So, if you want to enable the app drawer, then here is how to do that:

First, go to the Settings app and tap the “Home Style” choice. You will see two options, “Standard” and “Drawer.” If you select “Standard” (which is already set as default), you will see all the app icons on the home screen. Select “Drawer” to display all the apps in a drawer. You will not find this step difficult as these options appear in a large font, and also with the graphical representation.

App Drawer option
Steps to activate app drawer (image source: androidcentral)

After you select “Drawer,” your screen will go blank for a few seconds as the phone arranges the icons in a new style. Now, you will see the drawer option in the middle of the bottom of the screen. Tap it to view the list of apps. The apps are automatically sorted in an alphabetical order and you can search for any app by typing in the search bar, which appears on the top of the drawer. The app drawer looks great and you will not find it difficult to use.

When Huawei introduced the EMUI 5.0, most of the people were thinking that the app drawer died and they will not be able to use this feature anymore. But, the company did not remove this option from its operating system as it is in the settings menu of the phone.

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