How to build a Strong Startup with Limited Capital


Pakistan is a land of opportunities and talented individuals. All that is required is proper mentoring and within no time, the budding talent of Pakistan will be all set to inspire everyone around. Badar Khushnood, Umair Jaliawala, and Jehan Ara are a few names who have provided a fresh and unique vision to the youngsters of Pakistan.

Today, in Pakistan, entrepreneurs are coming up with astonishing ideas and established incubators, and angel investors are supporting them as well. Not everyone can invest a huge amount of capital to build their business. This is one of the reasons why numerous Pakistani youngsters are unable to pursue their talent and end up working for someone else when they can have their own business.

Business intellect, experience, and an innovative idea are all important to start a business or a startup, but the sound initial investment is important as well. There are a few ways with the help of which a stronger startup can be established, with zero to minimal capital. The world of virtual entrepreneurship is full of surprises.

All you need to have is expertise, dedication, passion and undying attitude to attain your final goal. Following are a few ways with which you can kick start a venture:

For Your Startup, Opt For Offering Services Rather Than Product:

To manufacture and sell a product, a huge capital is required as the process of material to final product and then its marketing and promotion all requires money. On the other hand, when you are offering services, you need minimal material. All you are marketing is your services. All your costs can be congregated to promote your services.

Recently many new social media agencies have formed based on the same concept. They offer promotion, management, and maintenance of social media accounts of businesses, celebrities, and individuals.

Blog (Read: Flaunt) Regularly:

If you know something that makes you better than others in an industry or specific business arena, all you should do is blog about it. Make sure you jot down everything that shouts out loud with élan about your command and holds over the topic. Don’t ever doubt the power of blogging. People do read and remember, speaking out of personal experience.

Build your blog, share informative, interesting, simple and easy to digest blogposts and you will start to have a regular traffic on your blog within a few months, provided it’s in the proper direction, and you don’t lose the focus.

Power Of Social Media Is Phenomenal:

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus are just 4 social networking platforms; there are many others like these. Share your blog, content, ideas, videos and remarks on them all, keeping the etiquette and dynamics of each social network in mind. You can’t just use Hashtags on LinkedIn, which you can easily use for the rest. Understand the do’s and don’ts of each social media platform which you plan to choose.

Interact with influencers on Twitter, asks them questions, participate in LinkedIn groups, and share informative stuff on Facebook communities. These will take your business to another level. With proper usage of social networking platforms, there are many people who are earning a good amount doing campaigns for multiple brands and PR agencies.

Establish Your Presence & Name:

Try to be an authority. If you are into any business, then people should rely on your opinions. Try to be easily searchable over Google or the Internet. Have presence over multiple social networks; write for as many platforms as possible under your business niche and with your name.

Take your business to next stage step by step. Ask for opinions and give genuine opinions to others who need them. A good deed never goes in vein, build your good will.

Meet People And Impress Them:

Keep meeting new people and build relationships and contacts with them. Share ideas with them, speak your heart out. Show them the level of your passion you have for your startup. Try to engage them, ask for their help and suggest them significant ideas for their ventures. Try to crack barter; scratch their back, so they scratch yours when you need it.

These are just a few rock-solid steps which can help in building up a startup without relying on any heavy investment. All you need to do is manage time, explore the avenues and keep the fire of passion burning inside.

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