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Have you ever feel confused standing in a retail shop and doing soul searching about what kind of laptop you should buy? The obvious reason for this indecision is that you have not done your homework which puts you at risk to buy a laptop that may not fulfill your needs.

The best laptop for any person is the one who answers the basic questions for them. Is it for work, watching movies, playing video games, surfing the web or to share with the more than one person?

To help you make this decision following is a list of guidelines that you can use to make up your mind about the laptop that will best suit your needs.


How much can you spend on a machine without going broke or ruining your budget? It is always good to have a price mark as it can help in making sure that buying a laptop doesn’t do much damage to your wallet.

The basic machine for simple use can be found in the market for PKR 30-40 thousand which can cover the fundamental needs of a laptop. Above this price, you can find an elegant notebook with all respectable specifications, but at the price range of PKR 40-60 thousand, you can still get low-resolution screens and graphics that are just not enough for gaming.

Going above this price range, one can start to see premium designs and notebooks. And as you climb the price ladder, the manufacturer provides sophisticated features including higher-res screens, solid state drives and discrete graphics for those who want to play games. The notebooks become more portable and higher functioning.

Screen Size

Secondly, another major question is what kind of screen do you want on your laptop? The thinnest and lightest laptops have around 10-12 inch screens, and many of these laptops can also be used as a tablet.

The laptops weighing around 2 to 4 pounds have a 13-14 inch screen that makes them portable and enhances their usability. The most popular size in the laptop screens is 15 inches which come in less expensive laptops and can work as an alternative to a desktop. They are heavy and have less portability when it comes to carrying them around.

Laptops also come in 17-18 inch screens which is a good size if they have to stay on the desk all day. Many gaming laptops come in this category of screen size as they provide a better experience for a gamer.


The processor is thought of as a brain of the laptop. When it comes to choosing a processor the rule of thumb is to buy the fastest processor that you can afford. Then again it would help to know what you aim to achieve from this device. Tha gaming laptop would need a very fast processor while for just surfing the net Core i3 or even Pentium works just fine.

In Pakistan, we can find Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, Intel’s Pentium and Celeron processors with different generations of laptops. Intel’s Pentium, Celeron, and Core i3 come under an affordable umbrella of processors while others can be part of a bit pricey machinery.

Battery Life

The question to be asked while dealing with the option of what kind of battery life do we need is how long is your laptop going to be unplugged. If you always have an electric outlet for the tethering your laptop, then you can get by with 3 hours or less of battery life. But if you rarely come across a power outlet then you should look for

But if you rarely come across a power outlet then you should look for 5 hours or more of battery time. And if you are looking for a laptop that can last all day without worrying about running out of battery then look for a device that offers juice for around 7 hours.

Operating System

The next thing to decide is what kind of operating system do you prefer? There are three major Operating Systems that are present worldwide Windows, MacOS and Chrome OS. A broad range of notebooks is available in Windows operating systems. The current Microsoft’s OS is Windows 10 with voice assistant Cortana, new Edge browser and ability to switch between tablet and desktop modes seamlessly.

MacOS is available in Apple’s laptops only which provide an attractive and powerful UI with iPad-like Launchpad for all apps, interactive notifications, and Siri, Apple’s assistant on the desktop.

Chrome OS is very beneficial for those whose purpose for buying a laptop is surfing the internet, using social media and using email. For all these purposes the Chromebook can be a robust and affordable choice. The minor disadvantage can be seen with limited function of Chrome’s web apps when the device is offline.


There are two types of internal memory options Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid-State Drives (SSD) or in the case of Apple, a flash storage. HDD is the most common type of storage because they’re relatively inexpensive and offer huge capacities. These drives also add significantly to a laptop’s weight and thickness and generate both heat and noise.

SSDs are many times faster than hard disk drives but typically offer far less capacity. They also offer tremendous advantages in physical size, weight, and power efficiency, along with negligible heat production and noiseless operation which makes them an ideal choice for ultraslim, ultralightweight laptops.

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