How to enable AppDrawer on any latest Huawei smartphone

Huawei Mate 9 was the first Huawei phone to run the new EMUI 5.0 user interface and since the new UI has seen inclusions in almost every Huawei phone running the Android Nougat. With the news of a new Android version in the works, the EMUI is also constantly updating as a 5.1 version is now available for users to update.

The EMUI 5.0 offers a simplified interface, smart design while providing a fantastic user experience. The new interface has seen under the hood improvements like better app launch speed but most importantly it provides numerous customization options.

EMUI 5.0 might look like the previous version but has seen a lot of fundamental changes giving the users a range of customization options such as AppTwin, Fingerprint app lock, and others.

Among other great features is the AppDrawer, which lets you arrange app icons and clear all the clutter from Home screen. Here’s how you can activate it.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Access Home Screen Style from the menu

Huawei EMUI AppDrawer 1

  • The Standard screen style is the default setting, change it to Drawer
  • Go back to your Home screen and you will see the AppDrawer which is a circle at the bottom with 9 dots in it

Huawei EMUI AppDrawer 2

  • Remove all the apps from your Home Screen
  • You will still be able to find them in the AppDrawer, nicely placed without taking up your screen space.

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