Live video broadcast is in trend on social media all over the world. The Facebook live streaming feature is the best way to interact with your fans or consumers online just because it provides access to the world’s largest online audience.

Facebook provides you with built-in analytics capabilities to track video performance. The ability to boost live videos as paid advertisements to reach even more viewers is also an added perk. It provides immensely diverse opportunities to people from the different genres, for example, entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians and many more.

The tool is very helpful for anyone to strengthen the bond with the fans as Facebook Live Q/A allows you to answer your followers’ questions in real-time. Here is some important stuff which you need to know before hitting that “Go Live!!” button.

1- Pick Prime Time

Prime time means when maximum viewership is available to you just like in the television industry i.e. the prime time or peak hours usually start at 17:00. Before you set a date and time, take a look at your Facebook insights and find out when most of your fans are active. It is important because it varies with the audience you are catering to, for example, if you are a politician perhaps the best time would be in the evening but if you are running an online store of jewelry or something, you might get traffic even in the night.

  • You must be on a desktop computer to see these stats.
  • Open Facebook.
  • Go to your page insights and click on “posts” in the left-hand menu.
  • You can also boost specific post from here.

Facebook Insight Stats

2- Do Your Homework

If you want your Q/A session to be successful, you need to be right on the money. You should find an ample amount of time to anticipate the questions; you think your viewers might ask you. If you are located in one of the Asian countries like Pakistan, Electricity and internet backups should be your top priority. There is no hard and fast rule here, but try to be prepared for the worst scenarios possible.

3- Create and Boost Promotional Posts

Facebook live
This is how TravelGov (U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs) shared post before going live.

The above picture is the perfect example of how you can make and share the post about your Q/A session days before going Live. Yes, you will need to promote your Q/A session inside and outside of Facebook. Make an info-graphic post to announce the date and time of the event. One can also make a short promotional video. Don’t forget to mention your free giveaway (if you are giving any), any product or manifesto you might want to promote. Create these posts ahead of time so you can just paste them in. This will make sure you get the maximum audience when you go live.

4- How to run Facebook live on a dedicated day

Step #1: From your Facebook Page, select the “Live Video Button.”

FB Live

Step #2: Write some catchy but a short Description.

Step #3: Hit “Go Live.”

FB Live Video

During the broadcast, you can see how many viewers you have and respond to the questions asked in the live comments area. You can also ask people to share the video to reach more people. If you need to block a user for whatever reason, click on the profile picture next to their comment and click “block.”