How to Lodge a Complaint with Pakistan Citizen’s Portal?

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Pakistan Citizen Portal

In a step to connect people with the government and address people’s complaints, Prime Minister launched the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal on Sunday with which any citizen will be able to lodge a complaint about any govt. department.

“The old Pakistan had a colonial mindset. The poor had to wait in long queues outside government offices to get their work done, while the rich would just pay and get everything done in few minutes,” The premiere remarked while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the portal.

Pakistan Citizens’ Portal is a step towards E-governance in Pakistan, a digital platform where people can lodge complaints via a cellphone application. From police to education, your locality’s sewage problem to the curse of bribery, you can complain about any irregularity regarding any government department. The application can now be downloaded from the play store on Android.

How to file a Complaint?

Pakistan Citizen Portal

Anyone, including Pakistani citizens overseas Pakistanis and even foreigners residing in Pakistan, can file a complaint on the portal. The app is currently available only on Android and should be launched for iPhone users as well. To file a complaint, you’ll have to register yourself by giving your basic information. Here’s how.

Pakistan Citizen Portal Complaint

  • Download the portal app from Play Store
  • Once downloaded, tap on the app to open and make sure you have internet connectivity as it requires a stable internet connection.
  • From the main screen, select Register to make a new account
  • Provide your details on the next screen and tap next
  • You should be registered by now and the app will take you to its home screen from where you can tap on the “+” icon to file a new complaint
  • It also keeps a record of your previous complaints and lets you give feedback on resolved issues as well.

How does it work?

The portal will function under PM’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) which includes facilitation to Pakistani citizens, overseas Pakistanis and foreigners, and Prime Minister’s Task Management System.

“Every week, I will receive all the details about complaints from each area, and which ministries complaints are coming from,” said PM Imran Khan.

The database of the app will be connected to NADRA to check the authenticity of the complaint. Moreover, the complainant will also be informed of a time frame in which his/her issue will be resolved.

When truly acted upon, the idea of launching such app can really be useful and contributive to our society on a grass root level and will enable Pakistan to further take a step in the right direction of E-governance and a paperless economy, something that the PM has already been emphasizing on for so long.