How to Identify Fraudulent Hajj Tour Operators in Pakistan?

Hajj tour operators and hajj group organizer

The season of Hajj is upon us and while many people rush to avail the services of private tour operators, there is always a risk of fraud by fraudulent Hajj tour operators.

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To curb this problem, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has introduced a new SMS based service to prevent the pilgrims from such swindling schemes.

How Does it Work?

If you are planning to perform this sacred religious ceremony through a Hajj Group Organizer (HGO), you can check whether he is the real deal by texting the first four digits of HGO’s enrolment number to 8331.

After a few moments, the sender will receive the detailed information via SMS including enrollment status of Hajj Group Organizer, the name of its Cheif Executive, its allocated quota, and address.

If you’re a bit old fashioned and want to stay away from the SMS service, you can also call the Ministry on the following phone numbers: 051-9207519; 051-9205212; 051-9205427.

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Also, if you avail this service online by visiting their website where the Ministry has placed the entire list of the authentic Hajj tour operators

In case a person comes across a fake HGO, Ministry wants them to report the tour company to Police, FIA, Director Hajji Camp or the Ministry.

Furthermore, for additional assistance, the Hujjaj can call the following numbers:

  • Hajji Camp Islamabad: 051- 9247575, 051-9247574, 051- 9247577
  • Hajji Camp Karachi: 021- 35688307, 021- 99204761, 021- 99204742
  • Hajji Camp Lahore: 042- 99205087, 042- 99205085, 042- 99205088
  • Hajji Camp Peshawar: 091- 9217483, 091-9217482
  • Hajji Camp Quetta: 081- 9213326, 081- 9213021
  • Hajji Camp Multan: 061- 930058

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