How to make payments through Telenor Easypay

Make payment Telenor Easypay

Telenor EasyPaisa was the first ever mobile payment service started in Pakistan. Although, similar service is being offered by all the cellular operators, but EasyPaisa still leads the landscape. Telenor Easypay NFC Payment is another first in Pakistan from Telenor that lets you pay on any enabled outlet from your mobile account by just touching your smartphone with any NFC enabled machine.

Telenor Easypay service is here in Pakistan for over a year, but it is not widely available in the retail channel or shopping outlets. According to Telenor officials, since the retail footprint is vast in Pakistan therefore, the mass availability will require some time. Also, Telenor wanted to ensure in the pilot stage for getting rid of all the bugs.

Just recently, Telenor put a demo of Telenor Easypay at its Digital Festival 2016. We captured the demo for our readers that how they can make payments in the days to come when the technology is widely available even at the smaller retail store in Pakistan.

How to activate Telenor Easypay?

Enabling NFC payment or Telenor Easypay is not a rocket science; you just need to be a Telenor customer and an Easypaisa mobile account holder. Of course, you need to have some balance in it.

Next, get the NFC tag (a sticker kind of thing) from Telenor by calling them on 3737 from your Telenor Number OR Type “EP” and send it to 422. It’s that simple.

How to start spending?

Once again, there is no big deal. If you are at any restaurant or a shopping mall which is the Telenor partner. You would probably find an NFC-enabled machine over there. Just touch your NFC tag, on the back of your phone, with the device and enter your code when the app inside your phone responds to that tag. Just that. Watch the above video if this sounds a little complex.

The NFC tag on your phone is well integrated with your Easypaisa mobile account, and everything is managed at the backend.

Telenor is also making arrangements that its customer would be able to reserve a table at their favourite restaurant and pay their food bill through Telenor Easypay app even without NFC tag.

It’s a revolutionary step and I believe it would open many doors for economic well being of Pakistan.



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