Preventing Battery Explosion

This year the burning sensation Samsung Note 7 has befuddled many smartphone users who are worried that their phone’s battery might explode. If the very thought that your phone can burn down your cars, hotel room or even your entire home is causing hindrance in your good night sleep then fear not, you’ve come to the right place.  So here are a few ways for you that can prevent your phone battery from exploding.

Use the right charger

Mobile Charger Preventing Battery Explosion

Avoid using cheap chargers with unknown power supplies.

Unplug once charged

Mobile Charging Preventing Battery Explosion

 Unplug your phone when fully charged to avoid unnecessary heat build-up.

Charge in a safe place

Safe Place Preventing Battery Explosion

Don’t charge in extreme temperatures. For example: Don’t keep your phone charging under your pillow all night.

Remove cases 

Mobile Covers Preventing Battery Explosion

Take off your phone cover while charging or other heat inducing tasks because it will restrict heat dissipation.

Avoid direct sunlight

Direct Sunlight Preventing Battery Explosion

Don’t leave your phones at your car dashboard especially when charging. The sun will heat it up.

Let it cool 

Cool Down Preventing Battery Explosion


Let your phone cool down when it gets heat-up whether you are gaming, social media networking, charging or anything else.

Avoid pressure

Mobile Battery Preventing Battery Explosion

Don’t hit your batteries with any heavy object or allow it to come under excessive pressure.

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