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Facebook has silently introduced a new feature, which you might have already seen but did not understand how to use. This new function lets your post your status in big fonts and it has confused some Facebook customers all around the world because sometimes, the words appear larger and sometimes they don’t.

How to post status in large fonts?

In reality, it is very easy to type your status in bigger fonts. The trick behind this feature is that if your status message comprises of less than 35 words, then it would appear in the bold fonts. The purpose of introducing this feature was to make your status noticeable for the other users.

It is important to mention here that if you add multimedia files such as photos or location tracking in your post, then the words would appear small. It is safe to say that if you like the small fonts, you can add a multimedia file with your status message to make the words appear in the average size.

Some people are not very happy with this new feature, and they are talking about this new service. According to them, they liked the old style of Facebook’s status messages. The new fonts are like someone is speaking very loudly.

Just recently, WhatsApp introduced a similar feature, in which the emojis started appearing bigger than their standard size. This feature was also disliked by the users, and they said emojis look better when they are smaller in size, and most of the people prefer not using them at all.

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Many users requested the company to roll back the update because the new size of emojis makes the users look very much attentive in the conversations that they do not take seriously.


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