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We have already informed the Apple lovers that they have to relearn how to use an iPhone with the arrival of new iPhone X (it’s pronounced iPhone 10).

Apple’s 10th-anniversary smartphone has brought many changes from looks to their functionality. One of such major features is an all-screen display which has left the smartphone without a home button.

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Now, if you’re an avid smartphone user, you will have a hard time digesting this update but life goes on and one day you will have to learn how to use your iPhone X without a home button. If you’re past the denial stage, then this tutorial is for you:

Unlocking iPhone X

Yes, no home button means that there is no Touch ID for users. But if it’s any consolation, Apple has introduced a new Face ID to help you unlock your device.

The company’s True Depth camera system uses more than 30,000 dots for reference to identify the user, so even you’re in the dark, wearing glasses or rocking a beard, you can access your iPhone X.

Switching between Apps

Want to multitask or switch between mobile apps? Just swipe from the bottom of the smartphone in the upward direction and pause in the middle.


Missing Siri and want to a bit of digital assistance? No need to cry over the home button as the power button can do the trick, all you need to do is to long press it. Also, you can always say “Hey Siri” to wake her up.

Home Screen

Want to go to the Home Screen? Just swipe up from the bottom and voila, the home screen will appear.

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