How to turn your favorite song into a ringtone

Android Ringtone

With today’s smartphones covering a song you love into a ringtone has gotten definitely much easier than transferring contacts from an iPhone to a new Android phone! Here’s how you can make custom ringtones for your Android phone in seconds.

  • Download ‘RingDroid’ from Play Store
  • RingDroid will show you a list of all the songs on your phone, select the song you want to convert into your next ring-tone.

Ringtone Screen 1

  • Adjust both the markers to specify the part of the song you want to play when your phone rings.
  • Tap the floppy disc icon to save when done.
  • Name the tone and audio file type.

Ringtone screen 2

  • RingDroid will ask if you want to make it your default ringtone or only for a specific contact, select the desired option.

Ringtone Screen 3

  • You can also select the ringtone as default by going into the Settings app and accessing the Sound menu.
  • If you want to assign the ring-tone to a specific contact, open the contacts app.

Ringtone last screen 1

  • Select your desired contact and tap on the ‘Phone Ringtone’ button below the contact number.
  • Select your desired tone; the next time someone calls your favorite song will play!

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