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Do you own an HP laptop? If yes then you need to worry about your safety as some HP laptops sold between December 2015 and December 2017 are prone to overheating and even melting.

The company announced this news on Thursday and issued a battery recall notice for a number of its laptops and mobile workstation over battery concern which could be a fire hazard.

The recall has been issued following eight cases of battery overheating or melting where in one case it caused first degree burns to someone’s hand and in three different cases the battery became the reason for causing property damage.

According to the company, around 0.1% of HP laptops sold between the last two years are affected because of the battery flaw which is not a really small number given how many hands it has exchanged already around the globe.

Recalled Devices

The devices that are being recalled include:

  • HP ProBook (64x G2 and G3 series, 65x G2 and G3 series)
  • HPx360 310 G2
  • HP Envy m6
  • HP Pavilion x360; HP 11
  • HP ZBook (17 G3, 17 G4, and Studio G3).

If you own any of the above models, don’t panic and visit the HP’s website to download the utility to check whether your laptop’s battery is affected. The company also offers instructions and software on their site to enable Battery Safety Mode.

Interestingly, the company recalled thousands of laptop batteries at the start of 2017 as well over fire concerns. Maybe it has started to become a new year tradition, we hope not.

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