HTC has been quiet lately as compared to companies like Samsung, Oppo, LG and Huawei who have all released flagship phone in the first quarter of 2017. The iPhone 7s release is quite a few months away but even it has its own share of rumors and news every day.

HTC has just tweeted about the possible launch of ‘U’ previously known as the HTC-Ocean. The date mentioned in the tweet suggests the new flagship will release on May 5.

The biggest feature to be included in the new flagship will be edge sensors which will be placed near to the bottom of the device enabling users to interact with edges. The users will be able to squeeze the edges of the frame for a short while triggering certain gestures while the phone is still in a sleep state.

The edge sensors can be used with one hand and will be able to activate the camera, Google Assistant, HTC sense and even WiFi hotspot along with other several apps and functions. Users will also be able to set the sensitivity of their grip with three options for them to select from.

Another inclusion in the HTC U will be the HTC Sense Link PC which will further ease the process of copying and paste files from your device to the computer and even let you look at notifications from your desktop.

Samsung has introduced a dock for its phones called the DeX and the iPhone also hoping to turn your iPhone into an iPad soon, the Sense Link PC might be a step in this direction.


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