Huawei 2018 Roadmap

Normally we have to guess and wait to see what any handset company has in store for us but not for Huawei as a leaked image of Huawei 2018 Roadmap shows what the company plans for the coming year,

In Q1 2018, we can see that the company has planned widespread availability of Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Lite, the two most amazing devices of 2017. The Huawei 2018 Roadmap also shows three new devices codenamed Maya, Salina and Honor 1.

In Q2 2018, the company will launch three new P series smartphones; P Plus, P and P Lite alongside another Honor device- Honor 2.

The Q3 2018 is all about the new Honor 3 smartphone whereas the Q4 will bring two new Mate series smartphones; Mate Pro and Lite. The last quarter will also bring Honor 4 for the people.

In the first two quarters, we can also expect the launch of new wireless routers, wearable, and 360-degree camera.

Though the leak seems to look pretty legit, we would still advice to take it with a grain of salt at least until we are done with the first quarter of next year. From the looks of it, the first and last quarter of 2018 will be a huge deal for the Chinese smartphone company.

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