Huawei and Samsung: a digital perspective on advertising campaign

Huawei and Samsung advertising campaign

With a multitude of mobile brands available in the market, capturing the attention of more than 133 million consumers in Pakistan is a challenge for the advertisers. Advertising agencies come up with many ideas to sell their brand. However, few stand out to be successful campaigns. With new and innovative ideas coming up in the market every day, advertising agencies are finding themselves hard pressed to generate out of the box approaches for their upcoming mobile set campaigns.

This element of uniqueness is what sets these brands apart and gain them public attention even before release.

In Pakistan, a new advertising campaign perspective is being explored by companies such as Huawei and Samsung. Before the launch of their latest handsets, both Huawei and Samsung brought that extra special factor to their advertising campaign. The prominent telecom brand Telenor has collaborated with both of these brands and is offering free three-month 4G as a part of its promotional advertising campaign.

Huawei Honor 8 advertising campaign
Huawei Honor 8 advertising campaign

Huawei Honor 8 and Mate 9 were significant anticipated releases of Q4 2016. The company started teasing the customers by launching various kinds of exciting contests where they were asked to find the hidden Honor 8 from a pile of different accessories. They also collaborated with Jazz which offered unlimited free 3G for the customers of Honor 8. While for Mate 9, they released a set of pictures hinting at the various specification of Mate 9 but never fully revealing it. They also arranged concerts in the famous youth hubs like LUMS etc. to stay in the active circle of potential customers, before finally revealing Mate 9.

Samsung J5/J7 Prime advertising campaign
Samsung J5/J7 advertising campaign

Samsung used a similar approach before the launch of their new Galaxy J5/J7 Prime handsets. Throughout the months leading up to their release, the brand released multiple pictures revealing the new features like camera, screen optimisation, low light photography via the tastefully chosen pictures.

This kind of pictures keeps the audience guessing while capturing their interest at the same time. This also shows the importance that these digital and social media hubs have gained in this new world, in place of the conventional advertising campaign tools. This digital strategy of advertising campaigns has an added benefit of being cost effective as well as a better reach because of its easy accessibility.

These brands are clearly showing the new ways of an advertising campaign in the modern world, where the stories are being told through images instead of words. This approach is as unique as it is refreshing.

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