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Out of all the custom software skins, Huawei EMUI is one of the heaviest of them all. It also had its fair share of problems over the past years. From random restarts to unresponsive apps, from laggy performance to poor integration of Google services, we have seen the worse of EMUI.

Not anymore! EMUI has transformed into one of the most smooth and snappy software skins abreast with ample options for ease of use.

Announced a few months back, EMUI 9 is the latest version based on Android Pie. Huawei has already announced the phones that will first get the latest version, however, recently launched Mate 20 Series already comes equipped with the EMUI 9 version out-of-the-box.

Improved Performance

The company has provided exact figures of how the new skin will improve the performance of the phones. it claims that the EMUI 9 will be 25.8% more responsive while applications will start up 102milliseconds faster. GPU 2.0 included in the new version reduces touch latency by 36% and decreases device temperature by up to 3.6 degrees Celsius.

Higher Intelligence

Since introducing the first smartphone AI chip in the world, Huawei’s main focus has been Artificial Intelligence and EMUI 9 exhibits it blatantly. With the company’s HiVision platform, you can point your phone’s camera at any landmark, painting or food, and the phone will instantly identify it.

It can even provide you with estimated calorie counts for food. Other intriguing features include translating foreign languages instantly with AI. With, HiTouch technology, the AI in your phone will also be able to tell you what is the product you are seeing online and will help you understand about it so you may buy it.

Simpler Aesthetics

EMUI 9.0 has received a major overhaul in design and now emphasises on “natural aesthetics.” As a result, it is about simplification and being minimalistic yet useful.

One of the major problems was the overcrowded menu options in the settings. Has it ever occurred to you that you get lost in the menus and forget where your required options are? Well, EMUI 9 is here to change that. Huawei has included 10% fewer menus this time, which means from 940 options in the settings to 843. That’s a whole lot of simplification.

For comparison, note that Samsung has more than 1000 options in the menu in its UI which makes it cluttered and hard to find what you are looking for.

The theme is also lighter and seems a bit closer to Google’s Pie original interface. Support for gesture navigation has also been added and floating navigation has been removed. Now you swipe up for home, swipe up and hold for multitasking, and swipe in from the sides for the back.

Though the new EMUI includes all the options and functions that Google Pie offers, Huawei has also induced some pretty neat tricks that even the stock android doesn’t possess.

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