Huawei tops Chinese smartphone market

IDC has released its report for the smartphone markets. According to this latest report, Huawei is leading the Chinese smartphone market with over 17 percent shares in Q2 2016.

Huawei shipped 19.1 million smartphones in the quarter. It is up from 16.6 million figure that was reported in the same quarter of 2015.

Oppo stood at the second position by securing 16.2 percent share of the market. Vivo captured the third level with 13.2% share of the smartphone market.

Oppo’s shipment volume more than doubled compared to last year, while Vivo grew by 75%.

Xiaomi and Apple got a year-on-year decline of 38.4% and 31.7%, respectively.

“The success of the Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo in the market can be attributed to their concerted effort to build their brand and aggressive marketing to attract the consumers, along with the focus on product differentiation,” said IDC’s Xiaohan Tay.

“In the past, Xiaomi started the trend of selling its phones online, and other vendors soon followed suit and created their online brand,” Tay added.

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“After vendors witnessed OPPO’s success with its R9; they also started riding on the trend of hiring celebrity endorsers to represent their brand and appeal more to the young crowd.”


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