Huawei to manufacture Google Nexus 7 this time, not HTC

Google Nexus 7 by Huawei

Here is another great news for the people who love Huawei smartphones. The company is already the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world after Apple and the South Korean rival Samsung. According to the latest reports, Huawei will build the Nexus device this year. The smartphone will be called Google Nexus 7.

We have been hearing the news that Google is partnering with HTC to introduce its next Nexus device for many weeks. But now, it has been revealed that HTC will not manufacture the next Nexus device.

As per details, a senior official at Huawei has recently indicated that the company will build the Nexus again this year. The statement of the GM is not officially confirmed by Huawei yet.

Last year, Google asked Huawei to produce a Nexus device, it was called Google Nexus 6P. It was the first Google device manufactured by the Chinese company. Most of the people loved the smartphone. It came with a mighty 3GB of RAM, 3450mAh large battery, 12MP rear camera, and 8MP front-facing camera.

The tech lovers much appreciated the previous Nexus device by Huawei, so we may expect that the new gadget would also be loved by the fans of both Google and Huawei.

Google Nexus 7 (2016) is the rumored name of Google’s next device

Although there are not many confirmed details about the Google Nexus 7, the device is expected to come with a lot of upgraded functions that were not featured in the previous Nexus devices. The full specifications of this device are also supposed to be leaked in a few days.

Rumors are also flying that the next Nexus device will be made by HTC, a Taiwanese smartphones, and tablets manufacturing company. There is also a chance that two upcoming Nexus devices will be manufactured by HTC this year while Huawei will produce one.

As we are talking about HTC, it is important to recall here that this company has recently re-entered into Pakistani market. In the start, the company has introduced some five models including Desire 526G+, Desire 626 G+, Desire 626 LTE, Desire 728 LTE, and One A9. Let’s see if it can capture the attention of the smartphone lovers in the country.

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